Wirsbo Radiant Floor Heating System
Homeowners want to know their options for increasing comfort levels in their homes. They are discovering the incredible comfort and energy efficiency of Wirsbo Radiant Floor Heating systems. Imagine what a pleasure it would be if your beautiful floors radiated cozy warmth through out your home.
When it comes to heating your new or existing home, you do have choices. You can treat your family to comfort like they've never felt before. Whether you choose to put radiant floor heating throughout your entire home or take the chill off your kitchen or bathroom floors, you will surely enjoy the many benefits of radiant floor heating:
  • Even heat throughout your home
  • Efficiency that can result in lower heating bills
  • Room by room temperature control
  • Clean
  • Quiet
  • Furniture placement is easy, no heating vents to get in the way.
  • Increases the value of the home
  • Heat your entire home
  • Heat just the first floor of you home
  • Warm the barefoot areas of your home: kitchens, bathrooms; your tile and marble floors
  • Snow & ice melting is radiant floor heating outside! Radiant heat under your sidewalks, steps or driveway melts snow and ice automatically no more shoveling, salting or sanding.

What Homeowners Want To Know...

1Why is radiant floor heating so comfortable?
Cold feet and drafty rooms are common complaints of people with forced air heating systems. A Wirsbo hydronic radiant floor heating system warms bodies, objects and floor surfaces.  You feel comfortable because your body isn't losing heat. Wirsbo Radiant Floor Heating keeps your feet warm.  If your feet are warm, you are warm.

2How does the system work?  Warm water runs through flexible, durable Wirsbo PEX tubing embedded under the floor.  Heat is transferred upwards turning your entire floor into a warm, mild radiator.  A variety of hot water heat sources are available to warm the water that flows through the PEX tubing.

3.  Why is radiant floor Radiant Heat Sources
heating so efficient?
floor heating is an efficient
delivery system when com-
pared to small vents or radia-
tors that try to blast enough
heat into a room to warm it up. Heat stays near the  floor where it's needed, not wasted at the ceiling. Wirsbo Radiant Floor Heating can save you 20-40%
on your monthly heating bills.

4Can I use any floor covering?  Yes. Wirsbo Radiant Floor Heating Systems work under any type of floor covering - tile, marble, vinyl, wood and carpeting.

5.  Is radiant floor heating only for new construction?
Wirsbo Radiant Floor Heating systems work in new, remodeling, or retrofit projects.  The important thing to remember is to start the planning process early.

6.  What about air conditioning?  You have comfort choices here too.  A properly sized, independent air conditioning system puts air vents where they make sense. It provides cooling comfort that complements the benefits of a Wirsbo Radiant Floor Heating system.

7.  Why should I select Wirsbo?  The experience and proven reputation for quality that Wirsbo brings to the table is unsurpassed.  For over 25 years, Wirsbo has set the industry standard for durable, reliable PEX tubing and complete radiant heating systems.  Over 1.5 million installations world-wide means comfort with confidence.

Comfort and Quality
Comes From Experience...

Wirsbo, located in Apple Valley, MN, has been in the business of manufacturing the PEX tubing used in radiant floor heating and pluming systems for over 25 years. With over two billion feet of Wirsbo PEX tubing installed world wide, Wirsbo is the manufacturer of choice for comfortable and efficient radiant floor heating systems.  People associate the name Wirsbo with experience - no one has been doing it longer or better than Wirsbo!



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